The Original Recruitment Video

Not surprisingly YouTube shut down my original recruitment video. I now also appear to be having issues with it on vimeo. Again, the issue of political suppression of the #AltRight is a topic of inquiry we aspire to bring into Higher Education.

YouTube,  Facebook and many other prominent social media companies have been rightfully accused of subverting content with conservative or #AltRight inclination.

You may view the original video here.


Responding to Social Media Chatter

Late yesterday and today, many people have begun to learn about It has had many people in an uproar, but there are also an encouraging number of people seem to support what I’m doing. We are getting student members indeed.

Before Facebook appears to have blocked my account, I was able to review some of the commentary other people were having about

I made a quick video last night, addressing some of their concerns and questions.


Letter of Solidarity with YAF

The UW-Madison Chapter of Young Americans for Freedom ( YAF ) was accused of being a “Hate Group”, in a now closed petition , led by the Student Coalition for Progress.

The details are well accounted in an article by collegefix.

Since the formation of our group is very recent, we are admittedly a bit late on this, but the purpose remains relevant.

Our Statement below expresses solidarity and support with the Young Americans for Freedom, a group with whom we share traditional values.


As a reminder, MadisonAFP aspires toward the platform of the American Freedom Party

In certain cases, our platform aligns well with other political groups on campus. We encourage collaboration to the degree that’s mutually beneficial and doesn’t compromise our respective core principles.

If you are involved with a group on UW-Madison campus, and you are interested in getting support or cooperation, please contact us.

Join Us – #UWAltRight

Dear UW-Madison Students, Faculty and Staff,

MadisonAFP is now currently accepting students interested in joining our club. The student club, which we intend to be a fully fledged registered student club, is an important part of our UW-Madison Outreach program.

This is a basic recruitment video, and there will be many more videos to come soon!

So please be sure to go to our Contact page and tell us if you want to join! I will get back to you via email.

Also, please be sure to visit me on twitter and share this video to help me get the word out!

Pepe The Frog – Sift and Winnow


Yet another limited edition of Pepe the Frog: the UW-Madison series.

The phrase “sifting and winnowing” is a reference to a UW-Madison legendary letter in 1894. The phrase was later memorialized into a plaque installed on Bascom Hill in 1915, where it remains today. The phrase is widely regarded as a tenet of academic freedom and pursuit of the truth.

Whatever may be the limitations which trammel inquiry elsewhere, we believe that the great state University of Wisconsin should ever encourage that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found

For the curious, the UW-Madison Knowledgebase has informative links detailing the tradition and history of “sift and winnow”.

For the Alt Right, the ideals and tradition embodied by “Sift and winnow”, are near and dear to our heart. It is through the protection of Academic Freedom, that our cultural, and political movement is allowed to flourish, oftentimes against popular sentiment, and political persecution.

Empowering students to actualize their own individual academic freedom, is what allows students to critique and reject ‘White Privilege’, ‘microaggressions’ and other academic posturings that we find lacking in academic merit, and primarily characterized by political motive.

The pursuit of truth is also harmonious with the AltRight movement. Those of our ilk, particularly academics, are no stranger to the trammeling of their inquiry by others. The social sensitivities of race often do blockade intellectual progress. The political landscape of higher education, too often, polices and influences academic pursuits and outcomes. The pursuit of truth is our strength.

For the reasons above, I encourage the cooptation of the ‘Sift and Winnow’ phrase,  into the culture of the UW-Madison AltRight movement.

Pepe The Frog – UW Madison Rendition

Introducing the limited edition UW-Madison rendition of Pepe the Frog. What’s the special occasion?

Well as many know, Pepe the frog has developed into a widely recognized symbolic cheerleader for the intellectually diverse political and social movement often referred to as the ‘Alt Right’.

Considering my late political and journalistic activism on campus,  I have realized that it’s now time for Pepe to emerge in UW- Madison as a bearer of strength and encouragement.

Even the fanatically liberal-progressive stronghold of UW-Madison, cannot, and must not evade the fruitful opportunity for lively discourse, and intellectual growth, that UW-Madison’s own Alt-Right community can provide. There will be tendies for all.